Petition Closed
Petitioning Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, et al.

U.S. Department of Justice: Prosecute Case Against Cleveland Police Department For Use of Deadly Force

People have been executed in their car, after a police chase. The two victims were unarmed, and Black Americans, killed with 137 shots fired by 12 Whites and one Latino officer. Just cause for the police pursuit with 62 cars has not been established, nor has the murder of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams. Police can not act as enforcer, jury, and executioner in our city.

Letter to
Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, et al.
We, the undersigned do hereby support the following actions in the wake of the police shooting of Timothy Ray Russell and Malissa A. Williams:Call for the recusal of all local law enforcement in investigation and prosecution of case.  Case should be remanded exclusively to federal authorities for review and prosecution,  tried as a Federal Civil Rights Case within the purview of the United States Department  Justice Civil Rights Division.Demanding that the Department of Justice place the Cleveland Police Department under Federal Receivership for a period of no less than five years with full investigative authority,  operations control,  and oversight.Calling for a live,  televised Senate Judiciary Subcommittee Field Hearing to be held in Cleveland,  Ohio,  regarding allegations of use of deadly force, racial profiling,  and brutality against civilians.Calling for a Citizens' Tribunal to address and adjudicate the issues related to Cleveland Police alleged misconduct, racial profiling,  and confirmed use deadly force.