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Prosecute those involved with committing an Illegal Foreclosure and an Illegal Eviction

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      On April 7, 2015, Georgia Real Estate Agent Jerri Grier Caldwell with the Metro Brokers of Atlanta  lead gunmen dressed as Fulton County Sheriffs to my  and my family's  house with enough weapons to take down a mobster or terrorist.  Ms. Caldwell did this while misleadingly saying to those who sought to help us that she was trying to donate the house to us, but we refused to sign the settlement papers.

     She maliciously lead these 4 gunmen dressed as Fulton County Sheriff deputies--3 armed with glots an another armed with a terroristic automatic AK47 type rifle and illegally evicted this me- a retired  Cobb County School teacher on disability and my family based on an illegal foreclosure that had been acknowledged by the Independent Foreclosure Review.

     Ms. Caldwell sought to force us to sign a distorted settlement agreement for Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. giving up all of their rights to sue Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.--rights that the Independent Foreclosure Review had guaranteed anyone who had been illegally foreclosed upon.  Jerri Grier Caldwell knew the judgment she carried to commit this illegal act was void and was being addressed in court, yet she decided to have her crew of cowards to toss 30 years of me and my family's sweat and blood in our home out onto the streets all the while seeking to force and extort their rights from us by making us sign a corrupt and distorted settlement document.  Witnesses saw Ms. Caldwell appearing to be inciting a murder when she pushed one of the Fulton County Sheriffs to yell at my son,  "Show me your ID now so I can make sure you don't have any felonies! This appeared to be an attempt to provoke my son all while another gunmen in a Fulton County Sherriff's uniform had the terroristic automatic AK47 type weapon armed on him.

     Conspiracies to hurt me and my family seem to be guided by outright hatred for us due to our ethnic Muslim name.   Georgia Real Estate Commissioner William L. Rogers, Jr. wrote me  and said, "After reviewing the results of that investigation, the GREC has found no legal basis to take any public disciplinary action against Jerri Grier Caldwell regarding purported real estate licensing law violations. Therefore, we are discontinuing any further investigation and closing our file."  Excuse me, dear Commissioner, but shouldn't an agent be sure her client actually owns the property she claims to represent?  Jerri Grier Caldwell knew there were issues with the legality of WFBNA's fraudulent deed and the void judgment, yet she helped WFBNA orchestrate a heinous and terroristic hate crime against me and my family due to prejudice and bias against our ethnic Muslim name.  A representative of the Fulton County Sherriff's office told us they had no evictions on their record for that day  

     Will you sign this petition to the Justice Department Hate Crime Prosecution Team and to Georgia Real Estate Commissioner William L. Rogers, Jr. to stop allowing this hate crime act to go unpunished.  Make Jerri Grier Caldwell, Wells Fargo Bank, NA, their main lawyers guilty of fraud on the court-Denise Rainwater Griffin, Mark Thomas and Phillip Hasty, and everyone involved with this hate crime to be accountable for their criminal actions.

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