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Petitioning U.S. Department of Justice

Formally review Child Custody cases decided by *Guardians known to engage in suppressing evidence & abusing their position of power over parents and children.


First we petition the U.S. Department of Justice to order and oversee an official review of cases flagged for professional & judicial misconduct.

Then we work to correct the apparent damages by restoring children to the parents they need, and helping families recover.

*Certain professionals are causing damages that are not only financial in nature but are also destroying mental health, taking property and undoing the stability needed by these children and good parents.

The worst part is that children are being removed from the parent most likely to nurture, protect and provide the most stability in each case.

Signing this petition says,

  • It is time for law enforcement to use the evidence we have collected on professional misconduct.
  • To parents and children, "Do NOT give up hope because we see what has happened to you, and we are DOING something about it."

Signing will help lead to transparency, accountability and reform in Family Court.

Signing will also help invite more ethical and talented professionals to undo damages caused by those who put profit over protections.

Help send the message that it is time to Turn the Tables on Family Court professionals who choose to manipulate the outcomes of cases in a way that leads to the most profits for themselves, and to the most misery and loss for the family.


Learn more at 

Note: This featured video exposes but one case out of many... where good mothers AND good fathers are being punished for trying to protect and nurture their children. Follow #NeedsofChildren on Twitter via @MyAdvocateCentr.

  • This is not a mother vs. father story or effort; it is about the needs and protection of children.
  • Children deserve the best that both of their parents have to offer them.
  • Visit our YouTube channel & Facebook page to see news reports on more cases, including cases where innocent parents are being prosecuted based on FALSE allegations...and these *certain custody experts are aware they are harming an innocent parent.
  • #FamilyCourtReform is badly needed!

START HERE by asking for the immediate review of the cases flagged for professional misconduct.

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  • U.S. Department of Justice

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