Postpartum Depression Education

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On Sunday, April 19, 2020, Angela Lemonds took not only her life, but that of her 6 month old daughter, Brooklynn. Angela suffered from severe Postpartum Depression.  At this moment in time, it has not been mandated that all mothers and mothers to be have the educational resources surrounding this horrendous illness. I believe that our healthcare system should have classes in place that all pregnant women and their support persons go through a class prior to delivery. In that class, they should be made aware of the statistics, warning signs, and how to get help. No one should be ashamed of suffering from this mental illness. If there had only been the resources at hand for Angela, her story might have had a different ending. Please help by signing this petition and if you feel liberated enough to share your own struggles with this illness, please do so. Women have been made to feel as though we can not speak about this issue. If you don’t bounce back within the first couple of weeks after you’ve had a baby, you are shamed by society. We can prevent this tragedy from happening to others. WE WILL NO LONGER BE SILENCED!