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We have to change Satanic public schools and their false curriculum!

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My daughter(who is in elementary school)colored a cross on a piece of paper and gave it to her teacher. Her teacher rejected the gift and told her she cannot accept the picture because it's against school policy. I thought we had freedom of speech, religion, and expression. At the same time crosses, Christianity, and Christ are being rejected, satanism and every other type of religion is becoming the permanent substitute. In some schools young boys and girls are encouraged to identify with the opposite sex. That is too much! To make a long story short if you kick God out the devil comes in and he has in our schools. We have to change it!

This country is so diverse and has rich history from all races and nationalities yet in our schools we are taught about one group of people in particular. Natives are stripped from their position and glory is handed to Europeans. While they are receiving praise for setting records and being heros Black American students are taught how they are descendants of slaves and Jim crow fighters. We need curriculum that will teach the whole and true history to restore confidence and encouragement to every student. Let's just do what's right. We have to change it. 


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