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Implement The Doctrine of Logic, Reason, Compassion, and Mercy

The Doctrine of Logic, Reason, Compassion, and Mercy

My fellow world citizens, education allows each individual born into this world the capacity to grow, mature, and evolve as an free independent cognizant living being. With the power of knowledge comes immense responsibility coupled with the understanding of possessing such power.

As a student myself, I have felt that Institutions of Academia provide ample teaching, but have not magnified the frame-works upon which subject matter, and ultimately how the self-evolution of the being(s) are paramount, walking hand-in-hand, directly paralleling each other in the omniscient-scope of our world.

Although Mathematics, Sciences, and Language skills are primary focuses of almost all Institutions of World Academia, the foundations that give increased ability, and the understanding of how to use these powers are not emphasized at the same meritorious levels. It is true to some degree that, these areas are found in parts of all areas of study, but should be taught as separate teachings in and of themselves every year, at all levels of school, extending through the end of Collegiate education.

My proposition is to introduce the Doctrine of Logic, Reason, Compassion, and Mercy to all institutions world-wide. This Doctrine would form a frame-work for educators to use while teaching students, also strengthening all students abilities to:

1) Come into individual self-awareness without superimposing governmental influenced indoctrination upon self-evolution and avoid harmful development to the degree by which it becomes detrimental. Also to guide evolving beings into understanding their own awareness, providing examples and safe demonstrations of what it means to be 'self-ware'.
2) Guides beings from their genesis, teaching different ways to think and explore thinking processes. Teaching 'Weights and Balances', 'Checks and Powers', 'Cause and Effect of Choice'.
3) Emphasise 'Cause and Effect', 'Action and Re-action', and especially 'Consequence'.
4) Logic – In order to understand ourselves, each other, and the world better, Logic is an important 'tool' that enables us to make better choices when it comes to decision making. The stronger and more clearly an individual can make 'correct decisions and choices', the more apt they are to survive in perilous situations, and provide a way to 'aspire to a higher state of living'.
5) Reason – Understanding the relations of our intellectual abilities and the thought-forms connected through ideology. The ability to 'Reason' imparts the ability to make better 'judgments'.
6) Compassion – Exercising the strongest virtues in a beings life. It is beyond simply feeling empathy or kind thoughts, but it is a measure by which a being can ascend beyond the mundane states in which we pass through in life. In order for our race to survive beyond mundane existance, In order for our race to learn to co-exist beyond govermental ideologies, In order to secure our World and the World for future generations, We must 'Now and Always' aspire to exercise and conduct faculties of Higher Ethical and Moral reasoning, founded upon Compassion that is not second to a lower, baser origin.
7) Mercy – The ability to re-frain not only from self-destructive behavior upon ourselves, but also to refrain from destroying not only those of 'our own kind', but extending this 'extraordinary choice of highest will' to all other 'living sentient self-aware life-forms'.

If we take the time to create better thinkers, just as we do with any given field, it is of my own considerations that, it is more than possible to shape a better future. The 'evils of the world' are born out of misguidance, pedantic-isms, poisonous self-egos, ignorance, blatant stupidity, and a myriad of other issues that destroy us as a 'World Race'. Although I feel that by implementing this doctrine is not a 'Cure-All' for inherent evil natures of 'Human-Kind', I feel it will directly impact future generations by 'proactively and preemptively' lessening the 'Errors of our own present Conditions' that we may pass into the future states of our world.

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