A Purpose for Passion Amongst Educators

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Modern education is designed to prepare students for their futures. Yet, what does that preparation really entail? Hours of tedious lectures? Less-than-meaningful assignments? Years of dedicated study? 

I invite you to consider a slightly revised approach to our society's current teaching methods, one that educators should note. Although much of the information being presented in the classroom is vital, it is often presented in a more traditional, unstimulating manner. The time is now to consider new approaches to learning, and how one might make school more appealing to students. Could all lectures be absolutely stimulating? Should we just do away with dull, old literature? Not quite. 

Instead, consider the human mind, and the creative capabilities it possesses. Now, imagine how difficult it is to remain infinitely creative, curious, or passionate, in today's educational system. After years upon years of rudimentary schooling, it is not unheard of for someone to voice that they are "sick of school".

Rather than attempting to cram more information into the minds of millennials, let's take a moment to think of better alternatives. Educators could greatly emphasize the curation of individualistic passions. Academia could provide more opportunities for students to express themselves freely. Encourage curiosity, and the questioning of everything. Encourage thoughtfulness and respect for the arts. Emphasize the purpose for passion, and it's ability to serve as a driving force, that can help students propel into future careers. 

Do not just prepare our students for college, and then a career. Instead, let's prepare our students for life. A life filled with passion for more than just money. In time, as we further encourage the emphasis of passion in education, we might very well witness change among society as a whole. The future looks bright. Let's make it look even brighter, by encouraging the purpose for passion in education. 



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