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Stop denying support to the families of gay and lesbian servicemembers.

The families of gay and lesbian servicemembers are currently being denied access to numerous services and benefits that are designed to help military families deal with the hardships of the military lifestyle. The Department of Defense (DoD) has the authority and ability to change numerous regulations that would allow gay and lesbian servicemembers' spouses or domestic partners and their children access to these much needed services and benefits, such as joint duty station assignments, legal services, military family housing, access to base facilities, access to family programs, relocation assistance, and sponsorship of family to overseas duty stations. These services and benefits are not restricted by the "Defense of Marriage Act" and are simply denied to these families because the DoD has failed to update its regulations and policies to care for all military families. Military families sacrifice so much for our nation, and it is time that the DoD cares for all of them, not just the heterosexual ones.  Ask Secretary Panetta to change DoD regulations to include the spouses and domestic partners of gay and lesbian servicemembers.

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