STOP the USDA from changing the nutritional standards for school breakfast and lunches.

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The U.S Department of Agriculture has proposed to change the now stricter nutritional standards that are now in place. The USDA proposes to allow schools to cut the amount of fruits and vegetables in schools breakfast and lunches, and instead provide more pizzas, potatoes, burgers and fries to students. 

Many students rely on their school lunches as the only nutritional meal they can get for the day. Especially children that come from households that receive food stamps. It is just not right to deny our children a nutritional meal at school. Feeding them more burgers, pizza and fries will lead to health problems and obesity. Further straining our Healthcare system, that is not providing proper care to children from low income Families.

We, as the richest and most advanced country in the world should lead by example buy providing the best care for our children. That includes nutritional school lunches for all children. 

Currently, school lunches have improved and it just doesn't make any sense to take a step back. Our children just deserve better!

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