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To whom it May concern:

Please!! # House of Representatives, # State Department, # Government of the United States, # All Competent States: OUR CHILDREN ARE LAUNCHING BY BORDER IN A MASSIVE EXODUS !!! We are citizens of good, (voters of a just government) that we did everything legally to the letter. Why so much insistence on the lack of interest for our cases !? It seems a punishment !! It seems a nightmare! They have us excited and hung on the idea of ​​a promised place that we receive under the word of a government, 'defender of human rights'. Our children are going through it, very badly in Cuba !! Because, since a Cuban citizen enters a process of family reunification, 'remains forever marked' with the fear and pressure of not being able to put a complaint, under any circumstances, simply; because they make a criminal case to stain their criminal records, so that consequences of that, deny them the visa ... We do not deserve so much indifference! Why with our children? Our children are not to blame for the so-called acoustic attacks! "Neither Cuba nor the United States have shown even relevant evidence of the real culprits ... What a strange situation! Well, if the problem is only as they refer, by reducing the staff at the American Embassy in Cuba, know that in our Family Reunification pages there are enough qualified staff, American Citizens prepared with specialties that can, very well and in an emergent way, cover this area with immediate training and be part of the diplomatic staff along with that 40% who is active taking risks in the US embassy in Cuba, to work intensively giving way to CFRP cases, is it just because of staff deficits? Well, as for me, I would love and volunteer as a volunteer together with 40% of the active staff,> (who seems to be immunized) <it would be an honor and an immense pleasure to work 12 hours at day, from Monday to Saturday, (without salary) only in exchange for resuming the CFRP.

Honorable diplomats of the Department of State: That is what many of the pleadings full of true and forceful arguments say that a year and a half ago we have dispersed by all means and existing intangibles and that to this date the silence has swallowed them up. Competent staff: We address you with the utmost respect and humility, with certainty, and very excited that you will attend to us. We ask, 'please', from the hearts of desperate parents; reconsider everything again in this unjust situation, so in details we explain below: We are approximately 20,000 pending cases of benefit to Cuba called CFRP (Family reunification more immediate) than following the (Acoustic Attacks) and then the partial closure of the American Embassy in Cuba, we are suffering the consequences of something, of which 'we are not at all guilty', and that a year and a half ago we have reclaimed all the available intangibles. 'Nobody' has not even addressed us, at least for consideration, education and respect for so much suffering and uncertainty. (We are sorry for what happened, and we ask for a speedy recovery for the affected diplomatic staff!). Resuming the theme: (Many of the petitioners are of advanced age, and time is very valuable in these circumstances, when a child is involved!) Our children, many of whom were already about to come to reunite with their children family, 'they broke their studies'; for the great majority 'abandoned their careers for the process' and many others, 'they were left without their jobs'. Many of these cases are now with all the documentation, and among those documents, some even of (personal identification) retained inside the embassy in question; these documents are costly financed, that for the time that has elapsed already (they are due, pending extension and update). Our processes are also 'duly financed', 'approved', 'with assigned case numbers' and all under domain and (legal requirement that we comply with and respect to the letter). This benefit is granted only to two countries in the world, and Cuba is one of them because of the complicated and complex situation of the country; Cuba is a country, where (they violate all human, civil and political rights.) Finally, where 'a totalitarian dictatorship governs', 'proven is', violates the most sacred rights). Our children, often with the money that one sends them, do not find the necessary and basic products; because they simply are not available or 'do not exist'. Department of State of the United States, a country in which we 'trust', a government that gave us its word and keeps it automated in all its electronic responses, visible in all its available pages, with updates that already seem ironic; that (they are looking for a place to resume our cases of PAROLE) and they have us a year and a half ago, and they seem not to have any kind of sensitivity, much less trouble or interest to solve it. Why!? (Our representatives, specifically to us, do not represent us) and do not say anything favorable about it. He does not seem to care about the suffering of so many citizens and permanent residents of the United States, good people who only 'ask for the resumption of their processes in order to bring their children who are alone and unable to do anything from Cuba', because we all know the position of the dictatorship. While we continue to mourn the absence of our children, Cuban artists continue to enter and leave through cultural exchange and contracts, as if this country were their home, and Cuban comedians are exposing and turning into a sarcastic humor the reality of a village that is shaken; that hurts us for being our land, and because our children, family and friends still suffer in it ... !! (Church please, intercede for us, and help us!) For mercy! We need you to attend and resume our processes soon and everywhere! ('That is our request for you', because we know that if they propose it, it can change our history and do that great humanitarian and political work for the current and future electors'). We believe and we pray that some embassy within Cuba for solidarity, or (the US Embassy itself in Havana if they propose it) with 40% of the personnel that has assets can resume these cases, even if they take one case per day within days working. We need an urgent and favorable response; because, (the media have already made headlines in the mass media of the attempts of a massive exodus from Guantánamo, Cuba and our children are talking about joining, to go everywhere to reach their parents and brothers, and 'we have a lot of fear ')) !! That would be devastating! Who is responsible for so many lives, for God !? This despite the existing political conflict, and with more reason 'now', we believe that should give priority to our cases, we reiterate: (In addition to political, now also, 'as a humanitarian issue').

Awaiting response and from the writing of our "MOVEMENT", founder: IndiraSolisLocutora.

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