Tell the Feds: No New Processing Center in El Paso without Community Input

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The federal government plans to open a massive migrant “processing center” in the heart of El Paso without any input from the community. No matter where you live, as citizens, we cannot allow such an ill-conceived and poorly-vetted burden to be imposed on a community without allowing their voices and concerns to be heard. We need to act now!

Placing a processing center in El Paso without input from the community could disrupt El Paso’s neighborhoods, schools and growing economy.

Not to mention that housing migrants in warehouse-type facilities goes against America’s shared values of community, family, and prosperity.  

We must all stand up for El Paso, and prevent the government from forcing a new processing center into their city without any community input.

Join us in telling CBP and the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) that before any facility is built in El Paso, they must agree to the following points:  

  • The community must be allowed to provide input on where the facility will be built. The federal government cannot come in and uproot El Pasoans’ quality of life, regional economy, and community cohesion for its own gains.
  • The community must have assurances regarding how this center will be staffed. We have seen too many instances where inadequate staffing has resulted in neglect and mistreatment of children and families.
  • The community must have assurances regarding how the health and wellbeing of families held in the processing center will be prioritized. It is a travesty that families are denied fundamental rights and basic dignities, such as a bed and access to health services, because processing facilities have been so poorly planned.

CBP and GSA have said that they want to have the processing center up and running by June 2019, so we have a small window of time to act and demand they develop a better plan for the processing center. Sign your name on this petition to tell CBP and GSA that we will not stand idly by as they fast-track a massive migrant processing center in a vibrant community!