To invalidate Craig Wright's copyrights on the Bitcoin whitepaper and code

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Dear crypto enthusiasts and Bitcoin evangelists,

The recognition of Craig Wright as a founder of the Bitcoin P2P electronic cash system is unjustified decision and has a negative impact on the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. It is a direct insult to all crypto-enthusiasts, programmers, entrepreneurs, to the whole technology, its anonymity, decentralization and security. The principles of anonymous and decentralization of the Bitcoin network formed the basis of the whole concept of its creation, that is why the true creator of financial instrument decided to keep his name secret from the public, allowing to build a new economy autonomously. This fact caught public’s attention and has a tremendous meaning for a large amount of people all over the world. This principal became a prerequisite for the growth of the whole crypto economy. Mr. Wright’s decision to arrogate the rights to the technology - that underlies the entire crypto industry - is a direct assault on the shrines of a decentralized society. There are no other information confirming the identity of the true author of the Bitcoin network. In addition, there is a large list of evidence showing the false statements that Craig Wright made earlier about the origin of Satoshi Nakamoto's personality. By using false information he has repeatedly tried to artificially manipulate the cryptocurrency market. An example of this kind of manipulation was the immediate growth of the BSV coin after Craig had received the rights to Bitcoin’s whitepaper and network protocol segments. Notably, the creator of this altcoin is Craig himself. Here is a graph of changes in BSV exchange rate -

Our team encourages to support this request and eliminate any opportunities to steal intellectual property without providing true evidence. Otherwise, the retention of Craig Wright's rights on the Bitcoin Whitepaper and code is authoritarian in nature, which is contrary to the charter of all crypto-economics, written by the real Nakamoto.

We hasten to remind you that the future of the crypto community is in our hands and we cannot allow the violation of its fundamentals, because the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency were created in a way to avoid the economic crisis and the dependency from the third parties who control the entire economic system of the world.

Kind regards,

Igor Chugunov, CEO at CREDITS Blockchain platform