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We call on you to pass Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy's bill, H.R. 5005, to federally ban corporal punishment in our schools. Signed,Stop Abuse Campaign


Prisoners in the United States are protected from corporal punishment, but all of our school children are not? In fact, striking another person is also banned in our military and in the mental institutions.

Corporal punishment, such as paddling, is still completely legal at public schools in 19 states. Why?

The effects of school corporal punishment are alarming. It perpetuates child abuse and teaches children to solve problems through physical violence. Students have sustained bruises and broken bones at school, some have even died.

Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy has introduced a bill, H.R. 5005, to federally ban the sanctioned abuse of children in our schools.

Show Congress that there's tremendous grassroots support for this bill by adding your name in support right now! Stand up to create violence free schools that inspire learning and discourage fear.

These kids are counting on us. Stand up for safe schools now! Sign the petition to stop corporal punishment in the 19 states where it's still in our public schools and demand safer alternatives.

Thank You, Stop Abuse Campaign

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