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U.S. Congress: Throw Big Oil off the Fiscal Cliff, Not Clean Energy and the Environment!

We've got an idea for Congress: How about instead of cutting investments that support our families, protect our health, and preserve our environment, we finally get rid of those handouts that give oil companies billions of our taxpayer dollars every year to keep polluting our air and waterways?

It seems like a no-brainer, but right now Big Oil's congressional allies are pushing hard to do just the opposite as Congress looks for a way to deal with the so-called "fiscal cliff." Big Oil's allies in Congress want to protect special tax breaks for dirty energy companies while cutting investments in clean energy, slashing funding for our National Parks and National Wildlife Refuges, and undermining efforts to clean up contaminated waterways. That makes no sense. But unless Congress hears from us now, they might just have their way.

Please sign our petition to Congress today to make sure they throw Big Oil off the fiscal cliff, not the environmental programs that we all depend on!

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