U.S. Congress Stop Taking Money From the NRA

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Enough is enough. If members of Congress want to be reelected in the Midterm elections next year, these members need to immediately stop taking money from the NRA and stop tying to not create or vote down measures for sensible gun laws. No one wants to take guns from law abiding citizens but the excuses of why we won't even try anything has got to stop. We have a problem with white American born males in this country killing mass numbers of people innocently. This isn't about the other types that aren't the problem in this situation, this is about this specific problem and when we are talking about trying to ban others from this country but refuse to address a problem that we can at least try to do something, there is a problem. Much of this problem is the NRA. When the NRA started endorsing candidates with Reagan and got into lobbying, they moved away from the rights of gun owners to the side of the sellers and manufacturers and have had their hands wrapped around Congress every since. A lobbyist group should not be controlling our government like they do. We have to stop this because the NRA will keep spurting out their lies and blocking any measures of sensible gun control laws and saying the solution is more guns, which doesn't work. We have to try something. We have the right to have guns but we also have the right to go to church, to concerts, to the movies and to go to school without innocent people being killed. As partriotic Americans we need to be able to have more say about this situation and we cannot do this until the Congress members stop accepting payments from the NRA and breaking their power in Congress. We are the constituents that elect them and they need to address our concerns or face not being reelected. We need to let them know that we as Americans find their acceptment of money from the NRA or any other gun lobbyist group that refuses to address gun control, therefore stopping any form of sensible gun laws being passed, unacceptable and we will not vote for them and we will only vote for candidates that do not accept money from these groups The time has passed for waiting for them to do the right thing. We the people elect them to represent us and if they can't represent us then they need to not be elected or reelected. We have to try something and the only way that we are going to be able to do something is if the power of the NRA is reduced and that goes back to the candidates and how much they want to be in office.

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