STOP CHILD ABUSE. Intense screening/background checks to take your baby from the hospital.

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We can all agree on one thing that we've come to accept in this life. Growing up wasn't easy. And it still isn't. In fact, growing up in the United States these days has become more of a challenge than anything else that ourselves or our future generation will have to face. As of 2017, there was a count of 325.7 million Americans in the United States. Annually, 7.2 million of them are children, who are being abused or neglected in their own homes. And even worse, by their own family. Every eight seconds in America, a child is born. 566 of those babies are to teen moms and another 912 are born into extreme poverty. Making an expectance rate of 64 infants each year not making it to their first birthdays. The United States has one of the worst records among industrialized nations- losing an average of 5 children a day. Not everyone is cut out for parenthood, and that's ok. If we find ourselves not liking something, we usually don't indulge. So why would we choose to keep a child that, in the end, would just make you even more miserable? Babies are something special. Proof of an invisible bond and unconditional love that we as humans are blessed to experience and share. No one asks to come into this world, and as something so small and fragile, they're in constant need of our love and protection. Sadly, that's not how a lot of people see it. 80% of child fatalities involves at least one parent. They lose their lives to the ones who gave it to them. 75% of those fatalities are children under the age of 3 and like I said earlier, many don't even make it to the first birthday, making it almost half (49.4%) of the children who die from abuse younger than 1 yr old. Most, if not all, of these cases have some key factor that plays a major role. Either teen pregnancy, high school drop-outs, poverty, crime involvement or substance use are usually tied into these situations. 1/3 to 2/3 of cases involves substance use to some degree and as everyone knows, an intoxicated mind is an unstable one. So maybe a beer or two after work wouldn't be a good idea for the stressed out father of 5, whos living in a studio apartment and barely scraping by. 20,000 children fatalities were estimated just over the last decade. That's 4 times the amount of soldiers who were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, on the battlefield where the violence is expected. Not our homes. But as the U.S economy lags, child poverty soars, and states cut billions of children services dollars. Further straining Americas already weak safety net. Inevitably, it means more children will die. Something that can be prevented. If your not willing to love your child, then give them to someone who will because guaranteed there is someone who will. Most would rather lock their child in a closet for days than to admit defeat of not being able to handle the stress of responsibility. There is never a reason to hurt your child. No child ever deserves to be tortured let alone killed. 100% of the time its because they are unwanted or uncared for, which there is enough love in this world for every baby born. So lets end their pain.