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Save the Postal Service from defaulting on payments.

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It is no secret the US Postal Service is going broke. The reason for this is quite contrary to their popular "snail mail" image. The December 2008 issue of Consumer Reports makes it very clear that the US Postal Service is by far the best option for non commercial shipping, that means those of us who live in a regular housing and care where their money goes.

I see two issues that are killing the USPS and there are of course many others that I'm not privy to.

One is the Rate Commission. Unlike their competitors, the USPS has it's rates set for them. Even worse, the people setting the rates are not business people, they are politicians. The Rate Commission has Postal rates set so low that the company, yes it's ran as a company not government department, can not fulfill their duties on what the Rate Commission has meted out.

The second is a George W Bush mandate by law for the USPS to pre-pay billions in health care benefits every year into a retiree health benefit fund. From Wikipedia: "Congressional role - Of related significance is the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 (PAEA), which obligates the USPS to prefund 75 years' worth of future health care benefit payments to retirees within a ten-year time span – a requirement to which no other government organization is subject. Thus, in addition to the weak economy and the diversion of mail to electronic means, the mandates of PAEA have had a considerable impact on Postal Service finances. As a consequence, it has been charged that the US Postal Service budget crisis of 2011 is, in essence, an artificial one.[31][36][37][38]

Congress also has the ability to affect the USPS budget by changing rates for postage.[39]"

The USPS is now set to default on the pre-funding on Sept. 30th. In April, the Senate passed a bipartisan bill, cosponsored by Carper, to help save the postal service by advocating for cost-cutting measures including restructuring the pre-fund. Congress on the other hand is doing what it does best, nothing. They have so many benefits but no obligations to do their jobs.

Please join me in telling US Congressional Representatives to stop the BS and do something to help the US Postal Service. Can the Rate Commission and ease up on the pre-fund. While they're at it, they might try to get something else done too.

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