Save Mothers' Lives by Reducing Maternal Mortality Rates in the U.S.

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The maternal mortality rate in the United States is higher than that of any other developed nation. Not only that, but the number of maternal deaths due to pregnancy-related conditions continues to rise. In fact, the U.S. maternal mortality rate has risen by 63.7% since 2000. However, these statistics don't have to exist since most maternal deaths can be avoided; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that more than half of these cases are preventable. United States's legislators need to pass bills S.1112/H.R. 1318 to establish maternal mortality review committees (MMRCs) in participating states to evaluate cases of maternal death and thereby identify their causes. The bills will encourage states to improve information gathering on maternal care during the pregnancy and post-partum periods and to test the effectiveness of different, evidence-based intervention methods to prevent and reduce rates of maternal death.