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U.S. Congress: Reform Immigration now

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Most Americans are not extreme. The majority of Americans are middle of the road. The majority of Americans want Congress to WORK with President Obama, to COMPROMISE...and come up with solutions to this country's programs including Immigration Reform.

 But Republicans are disregarding the will of the American People who listened to the solutions Republicans offered in the Presidential election of 2012 And TURNED THEM DOWN.

During the President's FIRST term Republicans decided to concentrate on BLOCKING President Obama's agenda to make him look bad so he would be a "One Term President". This time around, they are more subtle - but the end result remains the same.

When President George W. Bush joined forces with Senator Ted Kennedy to Reform Immigration in 2007, the MAJORITY of Americans supported it - but a VOCAL MINORITY shot it down.

This time around - please GET INVOLVED. Let YOUR voice be heard and tell Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives that "WE The People" sent you to Washington to work for US and THIS IS WHAT WE WANT YOU TO DO:

Reform Immigration NOW. Because it is not about YOU, and what you WANT.

·      It is about America's National Security

·      It makes Economic sense

·      It REFLECTS America's Core Principles

·      It is the HUMANE thing to do

·      It makes Social sense

·      It even makes POLITICAL sense

Please DO NOT let the Tea Party wing in the Republican Party and their vocal supporters DERAIL Immigration Reform again. This time let YOUR voice be heard.

Join the petition and send a STRONG message to nay saying Republicans - YOUR VOICE - to the U.S House.

You DON'T NEED TO LEAVE YOUR NAME/INFORMATION if you don't want to. You don't need to be a registered voter or even a voter - you just need a DESIRE to see Congress Reform Immigraiton NOW!

Let's start with 100 petitions and gradually build up to a thousand, a million. Then let us join other groups, take these signatures to Congress and personally present them to the House Leadership in a massive show of People Power from Across America!

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