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Raise the military enlistment age to 21

The human brain is not fully developed until a person reaches their 20s. As a teenager one cannot fully understand the ramifications of going to war. Why should Americans allow children to die for this country? They should be encouraged to experience college or gain working experience in any field they deem fit before they go to war. Teens are allowed to put their life on the line, but the majority of the country would not do the same. The military bribes teens with the promise of a college education, when in fact, numerous soldiers die before they have the chance to get it. The youth is the future of this country; they should be protected and educated, not sent to die.

It is a fact that the brain continues to grow well into a person’s 20s and it grows in the areas that should pertain to war. The limbic system in the brain is where we integrate information, emotions, values, etc. All of our feelings pass through the cortex. Both of these are still maturing and growing throughout our teens and early 20s. The consequences of going to war, including PTSD, psychosis, disfigurement, and biological or chemical warfare, affect younger soldiers to a greater extent than older ones.

This should be stopped. We cannot sacrifice America’s youth anymore! Please sign this petition and give the youth of America a chance to live their lives and grow before sending them to war!

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