Politicians Should Donate 50% of Their Salaries for Shut-down Businesses

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Politicians, both elected and unelected, are shutting down many small businesses across the U.S. for reasons of public health.  While they declare that "we are all in this together," those very politicians have no "skin in the game": they continue to receive their six-figure salaries regardless of the economic health of their citizens and constituents.  This petition calls on those politicians to voluntarily donate at least 50% of their salaries to help those affected by their economic decisions.

1. Donations should be made directly: each individual politician should give money directly to businesses in their home town or district.  No creating of common funds, which would have to be overseen by the very politicians who would donate to them.  

2. Donations should be public: politicians should publicly release the records of these donations.  

3. If politicans refuse to do this voluntarily, voters should recall them, or pass direct referenda requiring this.

In a just representative government, what affects the citizen/voter/taxpayer should affect the leaders and rulers as well.  If this crisis truly affects all of us together as a nation, then each part of the body politic should bear a portion of the burden.