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Forgive 100% of student loan debt for all U.S. combat veterans

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In consideration of their service in multiple campaigns of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, which spans more than a decade, U.S. combat veterans are a deserving section of the American population who should be granted forgiveness of student loan debts. Forgiving the student loan debt for combat veterans will not only support initiatives to alleviate a significant portion of debt for all servicemembers who incurred these debts prior to their service in the combat theaters of Aghanistan and Iraq, but also contribute to overall stimulation of the U.S. economy by putting several thousands of dollars back with working class individuals and families.
While much is often purported about the country's appreciation of and support for the service and sacrifice of its veterans, the defense budget, which extends to veterans benefits, is often at the top of the cut list and near the bottom of the infusion list.
Many servicemembers find difficulty meeting and managing their financial obligations upon returning from deployments, obligations which heavily contribute to already high stress levels that accompany efforts to adjust upon redeployment back home. Rather than relief, veterans are commonly harassed, berated and threatened by debt collectors, saddled with additional burdens to prove financial hardships, which may or may not qualify them for temporary deferments and forbearances. The debt remains. The hardship remains, and the stress level is often elevated.
Forgiveness of student loan debt should be extended to all combat veterans who have served at least one tour in the combat theaters since September 11, 2001. Erase the student loan debts and call it a military student loan bail-out. For what these servicemembers have given and continue to give, it can never be called even, but it's a start.

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