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Enact the Federal Prisoner Good Conduct Time Act


Federal prisoners are currently eligible to earn a modest 47 days of good conduct time for each year they were sentenced to. But hold on! THIS IS NOT WHAT CONGRESS WANTED. When the current federal good time statute was enacted, Congress thought that federal prisoners would receive 54 days of good conduct time for each year they were sentenced to. The Federal Bureau of Prisons decided--on its own--to narrowly interpret the good time statute to limit good time to 47 days.

The Federal Prison Good Conduct Time Act, a legislative proposal supported by the U.S. Justice Department, would conform the federal good time statute with Congress' true intentions, giving federal prisoners an extra seven days of good time each year. In addition, this change would apply retroactively to all federal prisoners still in custody.

We waste billions of dollars a year on incarceration as it is. Estimates suggest that the Federal Bureau of Prisons would save tens of millions of dollars a year if this simple legislative fix were enacted. Combine that with the unnecessary human cost associated with over incarceration, passing this legislation is a no-brainer.

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