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Enact a "Newtown Gun Control Law"

The horrendous and heartbreaking school massacre in CT, preceded by the mall shooting in Oregon, and other copious acts of gun violence Americans have had to bear, calls for action now!

Please demand that Congress act to ensure an immediate "Newtown Gun Control Act" to ban assault weapons, ensure and enforce effective gun registration, and more. We can no longer watch our kids be gunned down because of the power of the NRA lobby. Enough is enough! We need safe schools, safe shopping malls, safe workplaces safe public spaces. Stop the killing now!

Please act to stop the madness. President Obama is ready to take this on as he indicated in his moving remarks following the shooting in CT. Now is the time. Do it for the 20 five-year olds who lost their lives in a kindergarten classroom as they prepared for Christmas. Stop the killing now!

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