Covid-19: Undocumented Healthcare Professionals Need Authorization to Work

Covid-19: Undocumented Healthcare Professionals Need Authorization to Work

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Collins Maranga
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Petition | Covid-19: Undocumented Healthcare Professionals Need Authorization to Work

The Covid-19 global pandemic is impacting all of us in a myriad of ways. As you may know, healthcare workers across the country are fighting every day to save the lives of people with Covid-19. 

As retired healthcare practitioners are being called out of retirement to fulfill nursing shortages, we are requesting that Congress pass legislation that gives work authorization to undocumented immigrant nurses, doctors, nursing assistants and other healthcare professionals. 

As the Director of Nursing at Uplifted Care Services in Minnesota, I know too well how important nurses and other healthcare professionals are. Uplifted Care Services is a home care service provider licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health. We are part of a larger network, the African Healthcare Professional Association, and we are hearing from our colleagues about the devastating impact of Covid-19 on both clients and nurses. Like other healthcare administrators around the country, I recognize that we need all hands on deck. 

Theresa LoCoco, Susan Sisgundo, Freda Ocran, Aleyamma John, Kious Kelly, and many more, are all nurses who have lost their lives to Covid-19. As the battle against this virus continues, many healthcare professionals will lose their lives while many others will have to take time off work for weeks as they recover and quarantine from Covid-19 creating a shortage of healthcare workers. 

Legislation that increases the healthcare workforce by allowing undocumented healthcare workers to work to join the workforce will lessen the burden of healthcare institutions around the country.

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Collins Maranga, RN, Director of Nursing

Uplifted Care Services, LLC

Member of African Health Care Providers Association (AHCPA)