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Don't Cut Social Security and Medicare

The 113th Congress will be considering additional proposals to change Social Security and Medicare. Cuts to these crucial programs could have an enormous impact on American families. Our elected representatives must hear from us now to prevent cuts to our earned benefits.

In recent years, Social Security and Medicare have repeatedly been the subject of major threats…

1. The Bush Administration’s historic proposal to privatize Social Security and pay for the resulting private accounts by diverting money from Social Security;

2. Negotiations during the last Congress by Super Committee appointees to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid as a way to solve the federal debt crisis.

3. The House Budget Committee Chairman’s dangerous “Roadmap” proposal to privatize Medicare, making it harder for seniors to choose their own doctors and cutting preventive care, prescription drugs and nursing home benefits; The end of traditional Medicare!

Stand with us today in fighting for the continued protection of these vital programs. Tell Congress to block proposals that weaken Social Security and Medicare!

The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization comprised solely of concerned Americans, like you, who have helped block proposals that weaken Social Security and Medicare, and to enhance the benefits provided by these crucial programs.

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