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Demand Russian Sanctions Now!

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The recent indictments by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller have put Russia’s actions to influence our democracy front and center again. Experts inside and outside of the Trump administration are saying it is irrefutable that Russia illegally interfered with the 2016 election.

Republicans and Democrats have been critical of Trump’s ongoing refusal to enforce the sanctions against Russia that Congress voted for as punishment for meddling in our election. I believe this is unacceptable. If you agree with me, you can use your voice to demand President Trump enforce all sanctions now.

Last summer, Congress voted overwhelmingly for tough new sanctions on Russia. Many months later, President Trump has failed to follow-through. As our Director of National Intelligence said, Russia views their 2016 election operation as a success – and fully intends to continue their influence operations in the 2018 election.

Why would Russia stop interfering in our elections if our own president won’t enforce any consequences?

Even after signing Congress’s sanctions bill into law, here is what President Trump has done:

  • Made a list of top Russian political figures and businesspeople for “potential future sanctions”

What Trump still hasn’t done:

  • Publicly condemn Russia for meddling in the 2016 election
  • Accept our intelligence agencies' reports and recommendations
  • Direct our government to take action to prevent Russian meddling in the 2018 election

The failure to rally the government to respond to anticipated Russian interference in our election this fall is the most alarming. This is a clear dereliction of duty that cannot stand.

If President Trump won’t uphold his presidential duty to protect America from all enemies, foreign and domestic – then we the people must speak out.

Please sign and share this petition telling President Trump to do his job and protect America – by executing the Russian sanctions that the peoples’ Congress voted for! 

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