Corona Relief for College Students

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Dear U.S. Congress,

We are appreciative of all of your efforts on behalf of our nation as we fight the coronavirus. However, I am writing to you on behalf of college students across the United States. We are citizens too, yet have been left out of the bill that brings financial assistance to others across our great country who are also in need. We too have lost jobs, and whether we are at home with our parents, or in our own apartments, we, like others, must still provide for our daily needs. If we are still listed as dependents by our parents, neither we, or our parents (because we are over the age of 16), will receive any money on our behalf. We are calling on Congress to step up and make aid available to this population of United States citizens as well, who have been previously overlooked. We appreciate your attention to this matter and know that you will rise up to help us in this time of need.