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Constitutional Amendment for the Public Financing of Federal Elections

The only way we will achieve real and lasting campaign finance reform is by taking the matter out of the control of the two major political parties, and passing an airtight constitutional amendment that eliminates the corrupting influence of money in our federal elections. Several such amendments have recently been proposed. You can view several of them at I’m persuaded by this one:

Section 1. All elections for President and members of the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate shall be publicly financed. No political contributions shall be permitted to any federal candidate, from any other source, including the candidate. No political expenditures shall be permitted in support of any federal candidate, or in opposition to any federal candidate, from any other source, including the candidate. Nothing in this section shall be construed to abridge the freedom of the press.

Section 2. The Congress shall, by statute, provide limitations on the amounts and timing of the expenditures of such public funds and provide criminal penalties for any violation of this section.

Section 3. The Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

Section 4. This article shall be inoperative unless it is ratified as an amendment to the Constitution by conventions in the several States, as provided in the Constitution.

I like it because I believe that publicly financed campaigns are the only way to clean up our corrupt political system, and this proposal appears to leave no loopholes or wiggle room. All federal campaigns should be publicly financed—no exceptions—with limits placed on how much each candidate can spend. Also, debates should be televised using publicly funded media outlets such as C-SPAN or PBS, and they should include all candidates, not just those from the two major political parties. A publicly financed political system has the potential to create an intellectually rich political environment where those with the best ideas can compete for and win the opportunity to serve, regardless of party affiliations. This would benefit all Americans and put pressure on the two major political parties to either reform or go the way of the dinosaurs. This type of real political reform will return the power back to the people and breathe new life into the Glorious Cause of America.

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