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On 2/13/13, Congressman Ander Crenshaw (R-FL), and Senator Robert Casey (D-PA) re-introduced this bill. The same day it was referred to committee, but no movement has occurred since. By voicing your support of the Able Act (Achieving a Better Life Experience), legislators will be made aware of your priorities. Have a say.

If signed into law, this bill will increase independence among those with disabilities, as well as benefit their families via peace of mind as a result of the ability to plan for their childrens' futures.

Specifically, the ABLE Act would alter IRS tax code 529 to allow for a tax-free savings account to cover education, housing, and transportation for those with disabilities.

Much like the accruing a tax-free college fund allows one to gain the tools to have better opportunities further down the road, the changes put forth in the ABLE Act would empower those with disabilities through increased opportunities without penalizing them by minimizing eligibility for programs aimed at supplementally enhancing their lives.

This bill is a reintroduction of legislation that was introduced first in 2006, and again in 2011. Despite bipartisan support two years ago, the bill was not enacted.

Let's not let the opportunity pass by this time to let our voices be heard about the need for this fair change to be extended to the families, and those that would directly benefit from such a tax change. 2010 census date indicates that 5.2 % of school-aged children experience a disability, as defined by IDEA.

I cannot rationalize knowingly leaving 5.2% of our Nation's youth by the wayside in regard to extending increased opportunities to, or not. Please sign this petition, and in doing so you will resoundingly declare to our lawmakers that you highly value the equalization of opportunity, and acknowledge that the time has come to extend fairness in this manner. 

Letter to
United States Congress members who as yet have not co-sponsored
Chairman Max Baucus, and Orrin Hatch, ranking member Senate Finance Committee
Chairman Dave Camp, Chairman Fred Upton, respectively House Ways and Means Committee, House Committee on Energy and Commerce
Please take measures to ensure that The ABLE Act of 2013 (Achieving a Better Life Experience) is signed into law because parents of persons with disabilities deserve the right to economically prepare for their childrens' futures, just as families of college-bound youth are able to accrue monies in a 529 savings account. The result will be a lessening of very real disparatate factors that work against those with disabilities. It is crucial that this act is passed, without hindrance to one's ability to continue to participate in programs that concurrently assist in increased quality of life.

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