Children are facing a mental health crisis. Let's train teachers to meet their needs.

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There are over 50.7 million children attending public schools across the United States.

We need legislation that supports our children's mental health.

In light of the global pandemic it is evident that our nation’s children are facing a growing mental health crisis that can only be combated by a comprehensive federal program.  We need a plan that will give our teachers the tools necessary to aid the nation’s children so that we come out of this pandemic stronger than ever.  

We propose a mandatory training for all public school teachers which will help them identify early warning signs of mental health issues and appropriately interact with students facing such challenges.  Our teachers are our first responders; it is up to us to give them all the tools necessary to protect what our nation holds dearest.

Sign our petition to show your support as we meet with U.S. legislators to turn our proposal into policy.