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Stop the Bipartisan Sportsmen bill and Share Act

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The SHARE ACT -- Sportsmen's Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act- and its Senate companion, the Bipartisan Sportsmen Act of 2015, is little more than a SPECIAL INTEREST bill. The legislation does little to benefit rank-and-file hunters. What we have here is a special interest bill masquerading as a measure to aid the common hunter. 41 trophy hunters are given special attention in the bill. These 41 hunters would be allowed to import their slaughtered polar bears into the United States from Northern Canada. Having been denied by Congress in 2012, when Senator Young took on their fight, they now are the topic of yet another bill. What have these uber-rich hunters done to currier such favor with our members of Congress? The slaughtered Polar Bears contributed to the endangerment of the species. Why are we rewarding these 41 special men? The legislation will open up millions of acres of public land to trophy hunters and trappers. While California has banned the trapping of bobcats, we now see legislation that seeks to make wider the practice of this barbarity. Millions of animals, including pets, are killed in leg traps every year. Please say "no!" to this barbarity! Even more perplexing is language included in the SHARE Act that would prevent U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services from adopting rules to restrict the illegal ivory trade into the U.S. WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH HUNTING AND WHY IS IT EVEN IN THIS BILL? Why are members of Congress aiding the AK-47 wielding poachers that saw the faces off of elephants?!  Anyone's guess...Additionally, and most distressingly, the House Bill seeks to take away regulatory authority from  the Department of the Interior and the Department of Agriculture to protect the public and wildlife from TOXIC LEAD AMMUNITIONS. The sponsor of this bill, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska should be hanging her head in shame! The co-sponsors of this bill might want to reconsider their stance. PLEASE do NOT allow this morally repugnant misguided piece of legislation to see the light of day. We shall be watching the progress of this bill, and informing our members. PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT this ATROCITY.

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