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Pass law to put warning labels on the digital screen devices that kids use.

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The proposed warning label on electronic screen devices would read:

WARNING: Excessive Screen Usage By Children Can Lead to Clinical Disorders

The effect of digital screens on kids is worse than most people have suspected. As a psychologist, addiction expert, professor and author of "GLOW KIDS: How Screen Addiction is Hijacking our Kids" , I've worked clinically with over a thousand teens over the past decade and have seen the problem up close and personal. In addition, there is a mountain of peer-reviewed research that I document indicating that excessive usage of digital screen devices is doing significant clinical and neurological damage to children. Indeed, hundreds of studies have shown that excessive screen usage can lead to increased ADHD, screen addiction, increased aggression, depression, anxiety and even psychosis.

In addition, recent brain imaging research is showing that excessive screen usage is affecting the brain's frontal cortex (executive functioning; impulse control) in the exact same way that drug addiction does and that video games are as dopamine-activating as sex and nearly as much as cocaine. 

The tech companies have sold the false narrative that video games and screen devices are "educational" while several comprehensive studies have failed to prove any educational benefit. Instead, profit has driven the $60 billion dollar "education technology" industry that has allowed these digital Trojan horses that contain the potential for clinical and developmental disorders to slip into our homes and into our children's classrooms. As in cigarette labeling, enacting legislation to put warning labels on electronic screens will help give parents the awareness of just how serious of a health issue this screen epidemic really is. 

Please call/write your local congressman and sign this petition so that we can deliver it to Congress in our efforts to enact legislation to put warning labels on screen devices. 

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