Recognize Naziism as Domestic Terrorism in the USA.

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I’m recent months, Nazis and neo-Nazis have become more brazen in their words. Once relegated to dark corners of the internet, they’ve increasingly sought out physical forums in which to recruit and radicalize others. Their message is straightforward: Jews and other minorities seek to replace white Christians in America. They advocate violence against citizens, and often against the government, to achieve their goal of eliminating those they consider “the other.”

It is time for the US to take a definitive stand agains this aggressive form of prejudice. This petition asks our elected officials to address this issue for what it is: domestic terrorism. Just as we cannot allow ISIS or other international terrorists to gain a foothold here, we cannot afford this homegrown brand of terror. 

We ask the Legislative and Executive branches  to continue the almost 80-year bipartisan agreement that Naziism is evil, and to draft and pass into law constitutional statutes which will:

1. Qualify Naziism, the call for genocide against Jews and other minority groups, as terrorism, and in doing so remove this speech as protected by the first amendment.

2. Create a legal framework the prosecution of these domestic terrorists.

3. Fund federal, state, and local coordination to track, investigate, and arrest individuals who advocate for violence against Jews and other minority groups.