Help my wife Sonia get approved for green card and get back to work

Help my wife Sonia get approved for green card and get back to work

October 5, 2019
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Started by Steve Shaw

My wife Sonia (Jung-ju Lin) is a driven, accomplished, and intelligent professional. She is currently an IT Cloud Senior Lead Engineer at Boston Consulting Group, and she is on unpaid leave of absence with a return date to be determined. Our marriage-based green card petition, after pending for almost two years, was denied April 17, 2019. USCIS wrongly concluded that the marriage was entered into solely for immigration benefits (an allegation of marriage fraud), despite a multitude of supporting documents for our bona-fide marriage. The denial left her ineligible to work and out of status, and subject for deportation. She also does not have health insurance and is unable to enroll because she is out of status.  She's worried that she could be arrested any day.

I, with the help of an immigration attorney, timely filed an appeal May 13, 2019. I have included multiple supporting documents in the appeal, many of which had been submitted prior to the denial and did not appear to have been looked at by USCIS. These included photos, travel itineraries, quickpay transactions between us for daily expenses, affidavits from family members, a joint rental lease, etc. Other supporting documents I submitted in the appeal include social media posts, text messages, more photos, joint health insurance, and joint pet adoption forms (we love our pets!). We are still waiting for an adjudication of what is apparently a misunderstanding. We have tried to communicate with USCIS repeatedly over a course of months through customer service and also through a congressional office, and the only response we have got thus far is "the case is under inquiry".

I am a tax attorney and CPA, and I met Sonia online in late 2015 when she was pursuing her Master's in Software Engineering in Loyola University.  She is Taiwanese and was here on a student visa.  As time passed we got closer and eventually decided on a future together.  Who knew USCIS would make things so difficult!  

Anyway, we are here to ask for your support to help get USCIS to look at our petition.  If a human being looks at our petition, it will take them about five minutes to approve it (seriously, the packet of support we submitted is about six inches thick!).  They let it sit for two years before denying it and now they haven't looked at our appeal (or our request to expedite our appeal) in approximately five months. USCIS's inaction is making it extremely hard for my wife and I to live our lives as productive members of society.  Any support at all is appreciated!


Steve and Sonia (Jung-Ju)

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Signatures: 87Next Goal: 100
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