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U.S. Citizens - Ask Your Senators To Pass A Crush Videos Act Of 2010


Thanks to your perseverance, the U.S. House Of Representatives passed (416-3) H.R. 5566, the Prevention of Interstate Commerce in Animal Crush Videos Act of 2010. This partial victory is a decisive snub to a 4/20 Supreme Court ruling that protects crush fetish videos as free speech. The U.S. Vs. Stevens ruling focused on "depiction" rather than actual abuse -- the portrayal of high-heeled feet stomping small animals to death. H.R. 5092 bypasses the Court's decision, enforcing a ban on sale/circulation of animals shown crushed, drowned, stabbed or burned.

After Congress returns from recess in September, it is imperative that the Senate introduce a Crush Videos Act of 2010.

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