Change U.S. School Curriculum (K-12th) to Include Self-Focus & Self-Regulation Courses

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The LaGasse Girls
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With all that has happened these past 10 years in our schools ALL OVER the United States:

• Shootings         • Suicides
• Bullying            • Abuse
• Peer-Pressure   • Mental Health concerns
• Negative Social Media feeds
• Etc…

It’s time to stand up for our youth and help them attain educational tools that allow them to be more aware of their surroundings, how to handle their own emotional behaviors & understanding that their actions always create a reaction no matter what.

Knowing students (including my own 2 girls) go to school to learn Math, Science, English, History, etc... so they can graduate is one thing. Now, take into consideration that most, if not all, students are walking into those classrooms dealing with one of these issues below on top of preparing for that test or assignment:

• Death in the family               • Shooting that happened last week
• Argument with a loved one   • Abuse of some sort (mental, drugs, another person)
• Self-Harming                       • Bullying
• Poverty                               • Lack of Mental Health Support
• Lack of Sleep                       • New school
• Parents (fighting, alcohol/drugs, divorce, hospitalization)

If you believe ALL students are getting support on how to deal with these issues at home I am so sorry to say you are truly wrong.  Parent/Guardian engagement is not always in the home and if it is, sometimes it’s difficult for even the adult to relate to a youth's needs, especially with this ever changing society.

Please sign this petition to voice your support in implementing a new course/class at each grade level (K-12th) here in the United States, in every state, in every school district, at every level of learning.

This is to also make sure that the course/class focuses completely on teaching & providing students the tools for:

• Self-Awareness & Management
• Responsible Decision-Making
• Emotional Behaviors
• Relationship Skills
• Social Awareness

This is taking the National Health Education Standards and CASEL Core Competencies to the next level that is long overdue.  We can't be okay anymore with just allowing schools to implement these standards just into the current curriculum layout as it doesn’t allow for the student to have true downtime and self-focus/awareness.

ITS TIME TO BE PROACTIVE and not reactive each time there is a tragedy in schools.

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My girls and I will not give up on this effort as I know it will benefit their lives as well as so many others.  I can't sit by and just wish for change anymore.