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We as U.S citizens have the right to keep and bear arms. We have that right as law abiding citizens to protect ourselves and our families. Not one criminal has ever thought twice about the laws. If our right to bear arms is taken away, we're sitting ducks to any criminal who may have a firearm illegally. We cannot let our government take away our 2nd amendment or any other amendment for that matter. One may not support guns or own a gun but as a citizen, you MUST respect the U.S and our rights. Once one is taken away, it won't take long for any other right to be taken away. Our second amendment cannot be infringed upon through the passage of legislation that prevents any eligible citizen from owning and baring an arm. Under the Fourteenth Amendment, the Due Process clause requires an individual's rights, whether explicitly mentioned in the Constitution or not, cannot be violated without that individual having been prosecuted in a court of the Law.. Remind your law makers of this! Please support this and sign and PASS ALONG TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

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