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U.S Born Citizen/War V of foreign born children out of marriage should also get instant citizenship.

A World War 11 American Veteran Foreign born child was denied citizen, because the father which was mentally ill  due to the war,  did not file before her 18th  birthday.  The child should have the right to apply at any age once he or she has proof,  there should be no age limit.  Her father finally filed papers, after her 19th  birthday and they denied her citizenship, not even a Green Card.  Soldiers are fighting to make a better country for their childrens, children. 

 I believe children of American citizen  that was born in foreign countries are also  U.S citizen. My father served  in World War 11 for America.  

 Married or unmarried children of US parents should get instant citizenship. I guess they called it the bastard law. They went as far to keep these children out as to move the blood test result from 98% to 99% which is unfair.

This child is denied of her father's French, German American heritage and because of this the father goes back home leaving the child fatherless and behind. Where-ever a child's father is born, thats where that child need to be and its so happens to be the United States, because of the separation, i did not meet my  father's mother,  that i understand died in Old Age Home and she was not aware of her Grandchild.  Not only was my father in War 11,  but his father before him was also in a civil war in America and Great Grand father also was in a war, i am related to some important people in history. 

 Because of my father's mental illness, On one of his visits to me, which i was happy to see him he raped me,  that next day he said he thought i was someone else. He attacked me and my other young brothers and baby sister.  You know i baby of 2 years cant run that fast. We had to distract him.  Me as the older put my life up for the younger ones thank God we got away today without the help of USA and my disgusting father, we achieved Educational Excellence on our own. Which Produced 2 doctors and a electrician.

They need to pay attention to the citizens and war heros of America. I suffered mentally for a long time,  Children of mix race (Black & White)  have life much harder.  My mother's family never approved of my mother not being married either,  which you know the story.  Please help Americans War Heros and their foreign born children, instead giving citizenship to those who dont deserve it.

Corruption today is whats destroying the world.  War Heros Children should be first in line to get Citizenship for serving for their country in a war these are my views



 I almost lost my life after visiting New Orleans, July 27, 2005. I got trap in Hurricane Katrina after visiting a friend, my friend died, i volunteered with others in removing the water from New Orleans, La. In the group of people that volunteered we got to meet President George Bush, That they say destroy the US economy and did nothing for the  U.S.A.

 I am suffering from depression because of this hurricane..  I cried for 4yrs after loosing my friend, and seeing the sorrows in New Orleans.  Dirty water, bugs infestation, unbearable smells, dead people swimming around in water and destructive buildings. And as a visitor no acknowledgement.  Why do people visit the USA, if its these sort of bad treatment your going to get.


For years i kept my silent. I asked God did you spare me for a reason, After i survived a Hurricane as deadly as Katrina, after visiting New Orleans, La.. I  became a stronger person, because of this, i want people to know i exist.  I wil stand up for myself even if people ignore me. Because i want people to know the truth.  Thanks for reading my petition.


Barack Obama they want to say is not not entitled for Presidence because, he was born to one US Citizen parents, and at the time of his birth in Hawaii that did not make him a citizen.  I guess we have something in common.

 I often wonder if there is a God out there that watch over people and children that cant defend themselves,

Do you think God hear us?

 Do you ever wonder why most  bad people never get caught or  if caught just get a tap on the shoulder  saying dont do it again for punishment  and good innocent people most of the time suffer to their death. 

Do you think its right to make a child that have family be fatherless, rape and  mistreated.  Is it true in these days that Good things dont happen for Good people.

Dont you think in the case of mentally ill War Veterans that their foreign born children should get instant citizenship.

Please rectify some of this pain. Please help sign this petition for justice in the eyes of our lord. Thank you.

I want you to read story below


A. Since 1996, when Congress for the first time specifically authorized federal-level agreements regarding child support enforcement, the United States has entered into a number of reciprocal agreements, which do not require U.S. Senate advice and consent. Currently, the U.S. has Federal reciprocal arrangements in force with Australia, Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Branswick, Newfoundland/Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Czech Republic, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, and the Slovak Republic.


Some women think that getting pregnant by an American is the solution to the exit from their country, or a financial hardship. And up until today, I thought that my citizenship automatically passed to Aidric the moment he was born; when it turns out that I have to grant it to him by declaring that I'll support him.

But it appears that it's entirely possible to register the child's birth abroad—which the parent(s) should do with the U.S. embassy to avoid agonizing situations later—but not consent to pay child support (at that time). Although, I suspect that a father is able to later declare such things at any time before s/he turns 18, thus paving the way for the rest of the child's citizenship/passport paperwork to go through.

I really don't know what happens when the child turns 18 years old and no longer qualifies for child support. It's possible the birth registration and father's sworn declaration of paternity would grant the young adult his or her U.S. citizenship at that time.

If the father finally declares he'll financially support the child many years after the child's birth, and the mother turns out not to be the nicest of people, it's possible she could sue in U.S. court for back-payments of child support. And then, suddenly, the father has a six-figure debt to pay off.

I really think this can be a difficult decision for men in this situation to deal with. It's hard to know what the demeanor of the child's mother will be in a decade, for it is she who holds the power to help or hurt under these circumstances. Sadly, the child is caught in the middle of some difficult decisions that will directly impact them, and their future.

So, I think the big question that looms over the head of any American male with a child born abroad (and out of wedlock) to a woman who isn't a U.S. citizen is: Will I obstruct my child's citizenship simply to limit my financial liability?

My answer is no, I won't, but it's nice to know the checks and balances are in there for guys

Read this isnt this cruel.

Because of this rule, unusual cases have arisen whereby children have been fathered by American men overseas from non-American women, brought back to the United States as babies without the mother, raised by the American father in the United States, and later held to be deportable as non-citizens in their 20s.[7][8] The final element has taken an especially significant importance in these circumstances, as once the child has reached 18, the father is forever unable to establish paternity to deem his child a citizen.[9]

This distinction between unwed American fathers and American mothers was constructed and reaffirmed by Congress out of concern that a flood of illegitimate Korean and Vietnamese children would later claim American citizenship as a result of their parentage by American servicemen overseas fighting wars in their countries.[10] In many cases, American servicemen passing through in wartime may not have even learned they had fathered a child.[10] In 2001, the Supreme Court, by 5-4 majority in Tuan Anh Nguyen v. INS, first established the constitutionality of this gender distinction.[7][8]

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