Justice For LeeAnn

Justice For LeeAnn

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peter roberts started this petition to U.S. Attorney General Merrick B. Garland and

The Honorable Merrick B. Garland

Attorney General of the United States

U.S. Department of Justice

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001


Dear sir,

     We, the undersigned, do petition you to send agents of the U.S. Department of Justice to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. (Dare County) to investigate bias, negligence, and prosecutorial misconduct by North Carolina First Judicial District Attorney Andrew Womble. We demand a Special Prosecutor and the removal of the current prosecutor, District Attorney Andrew Womble.

     In July of 2020 a woman was killed in Kitty Hawk. Her name was Amanda LeeAnn Fletcher Hartleben. The patterns and practices of DA Womble merit an investigation into this case, and others he is involved with. In my opinion, Mr. Womble is a threat to the public safety of every citizen in the First Judicial District, including the LEOs which serve under his authority.

     In both the recent murder of Andrew Brown, Jr. by Pasquotank County law enforcement, and the case of Ms. Fletcher Hartleben in Dare County, Mr. Womble has put law enforcement in untenable situations. In the case of LeeAnn Fletcher Hartleben, whose case was not even investigated until members of her family demanded that local law enforcement investigate the home, law enforcement was shown to not be prepared for such a criminal investigation. 

     Upon inspection, LE collected evidence which allegedly contained blood, presumably from Ms. Fletcher Hartleben, while missing other evidence, and failing to secure the scene for a proper investigation. This negligence put a potential crime scene in jeapordy of contamination, and may have doomed any further investigation from that point forward.

     According to the American Bar Association's Standards for Prosecution Function, Standard 3-1.13, (c) and (d), Training Programs, it is stated that:

     "(c) A prosecution office’s training program should include periodic review of the office’s policies and procedures, which should be amended when necessary. Specialized prosecutors should receive training in their specialized areas. Individuals who will supervise attorneys or staff should receive training in how effectively to supervise.

(d) The prosecutor’s office should also make available opportunities for training and continuing education programs outside the office, including training for non-attorney staff."

     Simply put, the alleged failures of any LEOs in this investigation are the responsibility of the commanding officer, not the rank and file. And in this case, preparation to deal with a case such as Ms. Fletcher Hartleben's was not sufficient, the investigation became a point of contention between citizens and law enforcement, and this is all the responsibility of the District Attorney.

     Mr. Womble's office failed Amanda LeeAnn Fletcher Hartleben, her family, the LEOs involved with the investigation, and the citizens of the First Judicial District.

     The eyes of the nation are on eastern North Carolina now. This is a plea from myself and my associates on behalf of all who reside in the First Judicial District of North Carolina asking you to investigate the case of Amanda LeeAnn Fletcher Hartleben, whose death in July of 2020 sparked family and public outcry in Kitty Hawk, NC (Dare County).

     I, Peter Graves Roberts, author of this petition, have already filed grievances against both our District Attorney and his Chief Assistant with the North Carolina State Bar, Lead Counsel, Katherine Jean and Deputy Counsel, Cameron Lee. These grievances allege the police and prosecutorial misconduct by DA Womble and his subordinates in Dare County and contain thoroughly sourced public record of these events to back the allegations.

     Please refer to files: 20G0809, and 20G0808, both filed on November 9, 2020 with the N.C. State Bar.

     In closing, I wish to ask you, Attorney General Garland to shine the light of the United States Department of Justice upon our First Judicial District, the offices of the District Attorney, and of every law enforcement agency over which District Attorney Womble holds prosecutorial jurisdiction. District Attorney Womble has already declared himself as a candidate for our office of Superior Court Judge. In this journalist’s opinion, this should never happen.


Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter,


Peter Graves Roberts,

Natasha Willis

Wartime Publishers

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