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We the families of the murdered and missing women of Ohio have lost all trust in our justice system and its investigators throughout the state. In order to restore public confidence and have fair and just investigations, prosecution and sentencing for our families as well as keep our communities’ safety there must be independent investigations and prosecution free from conflicts of interest which we do not currently have therefore we request immediate action to appoint a special prosecutor from outside of Ohio state. We would like the special prosecutor to do the following:

1) Investigate our cases without conflict of interest, bias, harassment and/or retaliation against those who have tried to help us including witnesses.

2) Investigate our investigators, prosecutors, and judges in Ross, Scioto and Franklin counties that are directly or tangentially related to our cases as we believe they are protecting one of the alleged informants that reportedly murdered our family members.

3) Prevent the Ross County Sheriff's Office and the federal task force or FBI (Ohio) and Bureau of Criminal Investigations (Ohio) from allowing Detective John Winfield to work on our cases because there are allegations of potential misconduct and he is related by marriage to one of the alleged killers.

4) Prevent the obstruction of justice with those who are in question for possible misconduct from hiding information or minimizing, through unlawful means, their dereliction of duty and potential complicity in the murder of our daughters.

5) Investigate why law enforcement refuses to arrest a Scioto County defense attorney who has been repeatedly reported for human and drug trafficking.

6) Remove all current investigators and prosecutors from our cases and replace them with outside investigators who are not bias with conflicts of interest.

7) Empanel a grand jury to investigate how and if Ross County Prosecutor Matt Schmidt compromised our attorney that was going to sue the same offices that are currently under investigation, he was supposed to be suing for our families under the civil RICO statute. The attorney participated (by phone) in a meeting that was conducted in Washington D.C., with the Department of Justice in September 2017 which was reportedly highly confidential. At that meeting witnesses were discussed as well as information that was not known to the public related to government misconduct and perpetrators who are alleged to be involved in the murder of our families cases. It was then directed by the Department of Justice that the issue was to be brought to the U.S. Attorney's Office Southern District of Ohio for further investigation. The attorney thereafter appears to have been subpoenaed for a grand jury which then compromised him, and the information addressed in that meeting. It also may have compromised confidential information related to the same officials that were being investigated. This information includes reports specifically on the prosecutor that may have empaneled the grand jury proceedings as well as the court that authorized it. In other words, it was a "spy in the camp" tactic on the part of both "our" attorney and the Ross County Prosecutor which further damaged our cases criminally and civilly in a purposeful manner. The attorney has refused to acknowledge or deny that he was subpoenaed. This demands further investigation.

We ask that this be taken seriously and be handled openly without backhanded tactics such as those mentioned above and if the officials contact your office to attempt to prevent our request or stop the request we will get the ACLU involved to represent our interest to file a lawsuit to ascertain who was involved in contacting your office to prevent our citizens and families request.

We thank you for your assistance and hope that you will find that our interest is of national consequence since we are now officially supported by other law enforcement who do care about us and are not compromised and willing to step forward for us.

It is because of all the information above that we ask for a special prosecutor to be assigned from outside of the State of Ohio.


Families of the murdered and missing women of Ross, Scioto, and Franklin Counties and the citizens of Ross County, Scioto County and Franklin County 



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