Change height, tape and weight requirements for military.

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There is a problem in the United States military and it’s simple. People can pass a Physical Fitness test. But can not pass height and weight? Let alone tape? People have deployed and have out preformed people that are within weight limits. I am currently being chaptered out for this problem I am overweight and I have countless amounts of NCOs tell me that I do not look at all big, and the fact that muscle weighs more then fat says a lot. The military and generations have changed and times are changing and I feel that tape and height and weight measurements needs to change as well. I’ve heard stories of people who we’re practically body builders but he had a longer neck that was too thin for his waist size which caused him to be overweight and got chaptered out. I know many people that can be put in the military and would come back to the military if these simple things would change. And I feel you as people or prior military or are in the military would believe that the requirements for height and weight are just as ridiculous. Things need to change. The time of passing all military requisites, but not being able to pass height and weight and pass tape needs to change. A physical fitness test is what should determine weither a solder is fit to deploy, engage, and destroy enemies. Not a band around your waist.