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Petitioning Virginia State Senator Mark Warner and 12 others

U.S. - All States - Protect the Freedom of the Internet - Stop the Protect IP Act (S.968)


The following concerns the vote on the Protect IP Act (PIPA – S.968) and is addressed to the entire U.S. Senate, specifically those Senators currently supporting and those recieving top money for supporting the bill.

"Establishes a system for taking down websites that the Justice Department determines to be "dedicated to infringing activities." The DoJ or the copyright owner would be able to commence a legal action against the alleged infringer and the DoJ would be allowed to demand that search engines, social networking sites and domain name services block access to the targeted site. In some cases, action could be taken to block sites without first allowing the alleged infringer to defend themselves in court." summary

(The legal intrepretation of the above "dedicated to infringing activities" could simply meaning having a single link to copyrighted material.)


PIPA or the Protect Intellectual Property Act will do far more harm than good with its potential to damage innocent individuals and businesses.  Our Freedoms are our natural living right and are to be protected by the American Government, not given and limited by them.  We ask our Senators to represent their constituents’ needs and seriously consider the implications and effectiveness of this bill.  Not only does  PIPA have the potential to openly negate certain Constitutional Rights including freedom of speech, it also disregards Article 1 Section 9 under Limits of Congress; the right to Habeas Corpus.  The importance of habeas corpus is illustrated by the fact that it was the sole liberty thought important enough to be included in the original text of the Constitution. 

Besides it having the potential to offend Constitutional rights it is technically ineffective.  It is easily bypassed and has the potential and history of affecting and damaging innocent business and individuals when implemented.  (  , The same system that was found to be unconstitutional here and is used in China and Syria.)  We encourage the Virginia Senators and all of congress to consult the technical sector before implementing a bill that will affect their jobs and infrastructure so entirely.  Thank you.


Additional note:

You won't hear about this on MSNBC or FOX because their parent companies support the bill.  Most major television news outlets — MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, CBS, and NBC — have ignored this bill and SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act - House of Representatives version) during their evening broadcasts. I encourage you to research more about PIPA and SOPA and sign this petition to show your support all over the United States opposing the Protect IP Act and to help keep an open and free internet for everyone. 

Additionally I encourage you to modify the letter to send to the Senators when you sign.


Here is a list some of the organizations sponsoring the bill vs. some of the organizations opposed

◦Recording Industry Association of America
◦Independent Film & Television Alliance
◦Motion Picture Association of America
◦National Association of Theater Owners
◦Outdoor Industry Association
◦National Electrical Manufacturers Association
◦Business Software Alliance
◦Association of American Publishers
◦Ford Motor Company
◦Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association
◦Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
◦American Federation of Musicians
◦Entertainment Software Association
◦American Association of Independent Music
◦Eli Lilly and Company
◦Xerox Corporation
◦Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council
◦Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
◦Major League Baseball
◦CBS Corporation
◦National Basketball Association
◦Advanced Medical Technology Association
◦Beam Global Spirits &Wine
◦National Football League
◦Johnson & Johnson
◦News Corporation
◦Warner Music Group
◦Estee Lauder Companies
◦Greeting Card Association
◦Adidas America
◦Acushnet Company
◦ABRO Industries, Inc.
◦1-800 Contacts, Inc.
◦Blue Sky Studios, Inc.
◦Bose Corporation
◦Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI)
◦Electronic Components Industry Association
◦HarperCollins Publishers
◦Kekepana International Services
◦LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton
◦Nike, Inc.
◦Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc.
◦Timberland Company
◦Tiffany & Co.
◦National Fraternal Order of Police
◦National District Attorneys Association
◦National Criminal Justice Association
◦Council of State Governments
◦International Association of Fire Fighters
◦U. S. Chamber of Commerce


◦Demand Progress
◦Yahoo Inc.
◦American Association of Law Libraries
◦American Library Association
◦Human Rights Watch
◦Public Knowledge
◦Special Libraries Association
◦New America Foundation
◦Reporters Without Borders
◦Electronic Frontier Foundation
◦Association of College and Research Libraries
◦Center for Democracy and Technology
◦Demand Progress
◦American Express

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