Reduce School Fee Burden on Parents-@GNGParents #WaiveOffQ1Fee, #NoFeeOtherThanTuitionFee

Reduce School Fee Burden on Parents-@GNGParents #WaiveOffQ1Fee, #NoFeeOtherThanTuitionFee

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GNG Parents started this petition to U P Education department and

School Fee Relaxation for Parents during COVID-19 and malpractices in fee components by the school to be curbed by government.

India is at a crucial juncture in its fight against COVID-19. The country has responded with urgency and determination as reflected in the Prime Minister's & Our Chief Ministers bold and decisive leadership and in lockdown since last few months.

The above act in the complete cooperation to with government of India and UP there is complete lockdown and India as a country is only operating under Essential Services Management Act of 1971. This has impacted the livelihood of millions of people in India. There is zero income for our people doing business, salary cuts for corporate and salaried people, loss of Job for temporary and contract employees.  

While we stand in solidarity with our country and state, would request you for your kind review and reconsider the tuition fees, other fees and fee hikes that have been levied at this point in time.

- Rollback Fee hike

- No Fee during COVID (Q1)

- No Fee other than the Tuition Fee

- The school can’t charge Annual fee, Development Charges Etc as per UP Fee Regulatory Act 2018, But Some schools have cleverly merged the multiple components charged yearly earlier into the Composite fee. Some have done it this year, and some in the past year. Action should be taken so that schools charge only justified tuition fee

- Tuition Fee, when charged to be charged monthly not quarterly

- No pressure on parents to pay the fee till COVID period / No late fee

The waiver of the tuition fees / other fee/fees hike is requested on the below mentioned grounds and hence review & reconsideration are highly appreciated.

1-      As the school is not a nonprofit making organization, would definitely have rolling capital to support the salaries of their employees

2-      As the school operates and budgets its operating margin every financial month, quarter & Year for final PNL and as the school is operational since years now, we are assuming that it has built an appetite within the management to pay the salaries and not only dependent on fees paid every Quarter.

3-      As the school is not operational, admin overhead costs are almost negligible and critical components like Electricity, AC, and Water and most maintenance etc. are almost nil.

4-      Critical and major components which are budgeted in calculating Gross margin / operating margin  in respect to EBDITA like operational expenditures, capex, return on interest, bank loan repayment ( Already 3 months exceptions are offered by banks), depreciation charges can be taken into consideration while you resume Business as usual and if that can be reviewed and considered.

5-      While we pay Quarterly fees in advance and your expenses are throughout all three months – assuming there was a huge income from bank interest as well for years now.

6-      During very high pollution times in NCR, we have also witnessed very few working days in December 2019, January 2019.  & COVID Impact on March 2019 – Where school operational & transport expenditure were almost null or negligible, however, all fees were paid on time if late with fine, must have created a rolling capital for the management as well.

All schools are part of trusts, independent bodies, profit-making organizations, and big brands, we would request hands folded to kindly review the fee structures at this point of time and also not burden the common people, who aspire education for their children. While the whole the country is going through this pandemic would request your attention and action towards relief for the people who have shown trust and faith in government, administration, and schools since years now and have been paying and doing their duties every single time it was called for.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!