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U of C, Protect A Speaker's Right to be Heard: Sponsor the West-Dix Dialogue

The University of Chicago claims to support  rigorous inquiry as well as the free exchange of ideas.

Yet, when a coalition of RSOs organized a speaking event with Cornel West and Carl Dix to discuss the Trayvon Martin killing, officials in the Office of Campus and Student Life withdrew university sponsorship, effectively canceling the event two weeks before it was to occur. 

Scheduled for the evening of May 7th in the International House's Assembly Hall, West and Dix had planned on debating the issues of unemployment, police harassment, and mass incarceration facing our nation's youth.

Perhaps more importantly, the West-Dix dialogue was to be the first campus-wide discussion of the controversial Trayvon Martin case. . 

Sign the petition and tell administrators we will not tolerate their denial of a speaker's right to be heard. 

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