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we must change government policy on immigration on non E.U. nationals, families are torn

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due to government policy thousands of families are being forced to live apart, should you be married to a non E.U. resident then you have to comply with a very stringent set of rules, the paperwork alone is massive, then costs incurred with lawyers etc. adds even more to the misery. I had to do this for my American wife and son, eventually she was aloud to live with me in the United Kingdom, however, her visa was only for two years and everything had to be verified, however, at the same time as this expired i had to change jobs going from employed to self employed.

This of course meant that she had to go back to America as I could not prove earnings of 28,000 per annum minimum, my wife of course was disgusted with the whole thing and vowed never to come back to this country again; therefore I am working hard to get myself back to the USA, this whole process is immoral and frankly inhumane, especially when I read recently that a convicted terrorist has been released from gaol and has free accommodation and full benefits, therefore as a British citizen I am now classed lower than this.

You may not have read much about this as it is suppressed in the media, that is quite obvious, this government only want to get immigration levels down, and to maintain votes they will use any means possible. Their are thousands of families in this situation and it is time something was done about it, simply because they are dictating as to who and who you cannot marry; as mentioned before the cost is high just to get them into the country i have estimated my total to be in the region of 25,000 pounds, and because of the situation I now find me and my family in the cost is increasing month on month. this of course will be ongoing and when we finally pull out of Europe altogether then then those 27 countries will fall under the same banner, to finalize I do not believe any government has the right to deprive anyone of free choice, that's why my grandfather fought against the Nazis from 1939-45, if he were alive today he would not be impressed and wonder why he bothered, the biggest hurt to me is listening to my 12 year old son getting upset as to why we are not together.

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