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U.C.V.T.S. : We Ask That You Remove the Restrictions on Chromebook Access While at Home

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To the Union County Vocational-Technical Schools Board of Education, the district-wide Technology Department and Superintendent Peter A. Capodice, 

"Change may sometimes be scary, but it may also be necessary..." - Anonymous

Most people can agree that change is a beautiful part of life; others simply cannot. Most people want such a change to be brought upon their lives; others simply do not. However, we all must agree that change is a necessity. Those who do not want such change, those who do not find at least some beauty in change, are the ones who fear. They fear chaos and disorder from change. They fear irrationality when they themselves are the irrational ones. Pray tell, Board of Education, pray tell, Department of Technology, just why do you fear our use of Chromebooks in our own home?

Yes, we do understand the restrictions that must be placed on campus. Every student must be diligently working on their studies. Although you trust that the student is utilizing their Chromebook to work at school, you want to ensure that they are by providing yourselves that extra layer of protection. After all, this promotes a safer school environment. Still, one cannot help but ponder at why such shielding is being taken off campus to a student's most relaxing environment- the comforts of home.

First and foremost, the parents of U.C.V.T.S. students do appreciate the fact that their child(ren)'s school provides such valuable, new age instruments for higher-learning. Even so, they would give you their utmost gratitude and higher appreciation if they were allowed the right to choose what to restrict at home. You may argue and say that you know what is best for students while they are on the internet, but in actuality, a student's family truly knows what is best for their child to succeed. If a parent or guardian believes that restricting access to certain websites is necessary for their child's success, so be it. In fact, each school could teach parents or guardians instructions on how to safeguard their child's Chromebook to determine what should be blocked or not. By utilizing this, parents can be assured that they are making a significant contribution to their child's education future.

This leads us to talk about another type of trust- the trust given to the student. These Chromebooks that have been bestowed upon us came with a little something extra- trust. The trust we are talking about is the trust that we will use our Chromebooks properly and with only good intentions. We have even highlighted this further by signing the Acceptable Use Policy. We are unlike the rest, otherwise we would not be students on this campus. One of the ways we stand out is our mental maturity and higher sense of what is right and wrong. We strongly feel that instilling blocks on what we access online in our own home is a silent way of expressing your own distrust in what we access on the internet. 

Furthermore, a restriction on internet access at home with their Chromebooks is a restriction on one of the most popular new-age relaxation outlets. As students, we have accepted the challenges of being in one of the most rigorous high schools in the nation. However, overtime, this insurmountable pressure weighs us down and becomes the ultimate burden in our young adult lives. In order to unwind, we get comfortable in our homes with our Chromebooks in mind. We find joy in the pleasure of listening to music on Spotify, watching movies and shows on Netflix or Hulu, playing video games on various websites, watching funny videos or catching up on current events on YouTube. Unfortunately, with the blockage of these websites, many students are worried about handling their stress and anxiety. This seems overly dramatic, but this is hardly the case for one student, who says that, already, they could not relax by playing their favorite game on the internet with her Chromebook. Essentially, such restrictions and blocks may restrict a student's own mental health.

We, the students of the Union County Vocational-Technical School District, kindly express our grievance of the restrictions of Chromebook internet access on our own home. We feel as if our parent or guardian should safeguard what we access at school, with, of course, your assistance in providing instructions on safeguarding their child's Chromebook access. We should be provided the trust given to use our Chromebook responsibly and for only good intentions. We should be able to unwind and find sanctuary in our Chromebooks after a stressful day by using them for slight recreational use. In the beginning,every website was accessible, and students were free to explore the internet in whatever pursuits interested them. Then, schools blocked access to certain websites, which is understandable for a school to do, and we ask that you continue to do so, when we are on campus. When we are off-campus, however, we have noticed that we cannot utilize several websites through with the web filter. Now, with our recent inability to sign into our personal accounts, this makes it harder than ever to utilize the freedom of the internet on our on Wi-Fi, in our own households. We are intelligent and capable students with the common sense. We are mature young adults who are able to grasp any responsibility. In this fast-paced, increasingly developing, age of technology, we ask that you give us such responsibility.

For these reasons listed, we, the students and parents of the Union County Vocational-Technical School District, politely and formally request that you remove all restrictions on internet access in households. 



Jordan Johnson

and (most importantly)

The Students and Parents of the Union County Vocational-Technical School District


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