Move the Verizon Small Cell Node Cell Equipment and Antenna to an appropriate location

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The residents of the Serra Park neighborhood of Sunnyvale would like the City of Sunnyvale to move the proposed installation of a Verizon Small Node Cell equipment and antenna to a location that is more suited for the neighborhood.  An application has been submitted by Verizon to install this equipment, which will be a SIGNIFICANT EYE SORE to the neighborhood, on a utility pole at 1401 Kitimat Place in Sunnyvale.

There are better options on Mary Ave, which would not impact the overall aesthetics of the neighborhood.

We understand the City, as part of the review of any project such as this, is considering the design and location of the installation. We feel the location of this pole is in direct conflict with the General Plan for the City. Specifically, the location of this pole will detract from the positive image of our neighborhood. It will detract from the integrity of our neighborhood and it will not be compatible with our neighborhood. The eye sore equipment, both the 65 foot pole and antenna and the equipment boxes situated low on the pole, will take away the high quality character of our neighborhood. This is in direct conflict with the following City policies:

Goal LT-2 Attractive Community
Preserve and enhance the attractive community, with a positive image and a sense of place, that consists of distinctive neighborhoods, pockets of interest, and human scale development.

Policy LT-4.1
Protect the integrity of the City’s neighborhoods; whether residential, industrial or commercial.

Policy LT-4.2
Require new development to be compatible with the neighborhood, adjacent land uses, and the transportation system.

Policy LT-4.4
Preserve and enhance the high quality character of residential neighborhoods.

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