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*New Update 5/31/2012*

Child Protective Services have taken my baby away

*New Update 5/29/2012*

The Los Alamos police department has okayed taking my son from me and put him in Child Protective Custody.


I left our son home alone with his father, I had barely gotten to the next town over and received a call that he had accidentally dropped our two month old baby boy. When I got to the hospital they took forever to even get us any medical attention because the cops were too busy talking to the doctors in the hallway instead of stabilizing our son. They took Tyrell away for questioning, which he went freely because he thought they would see what happened and listen to him, and he had nothing to hide. They ended up interrogating him for over 6 hours (even though they told me they had only interrogated him for two) and after they coerced him into saying he had hit him, they locked him up like a criminal. Los Alamos is a small community, nearly all white and ever since his brothers and father, all black, had moved into town the PD there have done nothing but try to persecute them solely based on their skin color. Even though he has a clean record and has never had any run in with the law or has even been arrested, they see him as young and black, and put their judgement on him based on that. I have seen it first hand even before this incident. They even lied to me to try to get me to believe the lie they ended up getting him to say, with no lawyer present, and not reading him any of his rights. Which he didn't know about until after the 6 hour of the interrogation, when they finally told him his Miranda Rights. His whole family and all friends of the family know how the cops have been to us there and don't believe a word they are saying he said. Child protective services have told me that If I support him they will try to take the baby away, but they can't scare me into submission on something I know is not right. The media is trying to sensationalize it, but we know the truth, he is a loving father and never wanted anything more than a child of his own. He would NEVER hurt his own son. They have him on a $100,000 cash-only bond, If we can get that lowered by getting enough signatures to show the Judge not to thrown him away until his trial date, that would be one step in the right direction. He is not a criminal, and should not be treated as such. Please call Judge Pat Casados she is overseeing the case and give her your opinion, If she doesn't answer leave a message. 505.662.2727

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