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Pennsylvania is one of few states that gives life without parole for first and second degree murder. ..... Is it fair for both charges to carry the same time?  No its not fair ,if you plead guilty or found guilty to a lesser charge but sentence to the same time.  Thats unfair and unjust.  THIS LAW NEEDS TO BE CHANGE.

       On March 4th 2016, Senator Daylin Leach originally introduce Senate Bill #1138 which is now known as Senate Bill # 293.  Senator Leach introduce this bill as means to finally abolish the extremely cruel and unusual second degree "Felony Murder Law" here in Pennsylvania.  The Felony Murder Law is defined as a criminal homicide that resulted while a defendant was engaged as a principle or a accomplice in the perpetration of a felony.  Therefore under the Felony Murder Law a defendant could be found guilty and sentence to a mandatory sentence of Life  Without Parole even if its base on a clear showing that the defendant never intended to kill and /or had knowledge that the person he or she was with intended to kill during the commission of the felony.

     Take for example the case of  Tyreem Rivers,  ( 18 years old at the time ) records of Commonwealth witness testimony suggest that on June 3, 1996 defendant snatched a purse of a 81 year old elderly women.  Although their was no weapons involved or any physical contact or physical assault involved ,unfortunately two weeks after the alleged crime took place the victim unfortunately and subsequently slipped into a coma and later died.

    After the above mention purse snatch took place, all the court testimony against Tyreem Rivers also apparently prove that he never physically assaulted the victim, and /or never intended to harm the victim during the purse snatch.


  Just before reaching a guilty verdict against Tyreem Rivers Judge Savitt went on record to acknowledge District Attorney Fisher point, "well you have tried many homicide cases and you have tried several in front of me,  and i have tried a myriad of them , AND Ihave SEEN PEOPLE WHO ARE COLD BLOODED KILLERS  GET LIFE IN PRISON  AND IN MANY INSTANCES DESERVE IT.   BUT HES A THIEF RATHER THAN A KILLER (See notes 9/16/97 page 41 ).                                    After considering all the  testimony on the day of September 16, 1997,  Judge Savitt ( bench trail, no jury) found Tyreem Rivers guilty of second degree murder, Felony Murder, and sentence him to life in prison without the possibility of parole.  Even after having judicially considered him A  THIEF RATHER THAN A KILLER.  

              If Judge Savitt considered Tyreem Rivers a thief rather than a killer then why would he severely sentence him to life without the possibility of parole ?  Why not afford Tyreem at least one fair opportunity to Re Enter Back into Society?  Just as here in Pennsylvania continues to afford more dangerous crimininals.

                    Twenty two years after State Senator Daylin Leach of the 17 th District proposed and introduced to law makers Senate Bill  1138,  which now for change in second Degree Felony Murder Law SB 293.    Senator Leach believes that one of the foundational principles of justice is that people should be punished for crimes they commit in a  way commensurated with crimes,. and that the felony murder statue violates that principle.  It in prisons for life people who did not intend to kill anyone.  Where as such an unjustified punishment undermines the effectiveness of our justice system and the public faith in it.

                     Thus , we the citizens of the United States and the tax paying citizens of the State of Pennsylvania and the Supporters of Criminal Justice Reform hereby sign this online petition in support of Senator Daylin Leach Senate Bill #293 formerly known as SB#1138. TO ABOLISH SECOND DEGREE FELONY MURDER LAW.                                                               In closing , I like to say that  people make mistakes in life.  Does that mean they should have to pay for the rest of their life?  Sometimes good people make bad choices,  it doesnt mean they are bad, it means they are human.... their is absolutely no way a person is the same or has the same mentality today as they had  20, 30, 40 years ago. (people change)................To sentence someone to life without parole is basically saying that he/she is incapable of change. . No one can determine that but God.   

                         Picture yourself in the shoes of someone sentence to life without parole,  and you not having the chance or opportunity to show that you have change, and that you are a better person.  HOW WOULD YOU FEEL?   Some people deserve a second chance.  Please share and sign this petition, and please support Senator Daylin Leach SB 293,  To abolish Felony Murder Law, and end Life Without Parole.         Thank You, Sincerly        





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